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Sammy Solomons


I believe in a well-balanced athlete, one who enjoys improving their skill at a specific talent they possess. When you learn it, You earn it!

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Matthew Storti

Coaching at R&J academy has allowed me to meet other coaches, share ideas and develop myself as a coach. I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead and putting myself to the test to encourage, teach and motivate players to achieve their goals and help develop and coach the future stars and champions of this country. SA hockey has so much to offer the world game and I believe that with academies like R&J we are only going to improve the brand that is SA hockey.

Kirsten Leigh Wagner


My passion for the position of Goalkeeper developed at the age of 11. Since I started coaching in 2010 it has been my goal to provide good quality coaching to youth at both advanced, intermediate and beginner levels. I believe that my 15 years of playing experience has provided me with the ability to evaluate and monitor the performance of a Goalkeeper on an individual level, both physically and mentally. As a coach, it is important to me that all my Goalkeepers have a good understanding of the position and progress throughout their careers with refined basics and technical skills.

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Justin Grundlingh

Western Province U18 A Coach - Silver medal winner 2017

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