Western Province Girls High Performance

Performance Hockey at its best!

Everyone knows that in order to be the best at your game, you need to train hard and train smart.


A few years ago, R & J actually started out as the "WP Girls Hockey Academy" with the specific aim of providing extra training for the WP Hockey Girls who wanted to up their game to the next level. Ryan and Janice aimed to offer the WP Girls the opportunity to train with like-minded players of a similar strength so that they would be pushed to work harder. As the Academy grew and the young players who started out as little ones showed so much improvement and growth, R & J realised that there was a need to provide the best possible coaching to these promising players to ensure continuity of training and the opportunity to learn even more.


With this in mind, we initiated our R & J WP Girls High Performance Training in 2015 and invited players with National and WP Schools representation and experience. R & J Hockey Academy offered them the opportunity to receive intensive training from top coaches (many of them with Provincial and/or National representation) and the chance to play against and alongside similarly strong and skilled players from all over the Province. The High Performance groups train at a high tempo and the girls are pushed to extend themselves beyond their comfort zone. To date, we have partnered with SSISA for our pre & post season physical preparation programmes and with Disa Sports for our kit & equipment requirements. All the High Performance coaches are committed and dedicated members of the Western Province Girls Hockey coaching programme and we are constantly striving to upskill all coaches and players within the High Performance programme.


We are super excited to be coaching the most awesome and promising players of the future and we promise to deliver the best coaching and learning opportunities to you all. R & J Hockey Academy is proud to see how many of our players go forward to achieve great things and is honoured to have played a role in so many young lives!


R&J High Performance

Upcoming HP for players that made a WP 2019 team:
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